On-Demand Staffing

On-Demand Staffing

Temporary Staffing can be best described as ready resources for short term needs. In addition, the service is also referred to as On-Demand Staffing in the HR industry. Here is what we offer as part of this new-age bouquet.

IT professionals for short term projects

With technology changing month-on-month, there is a need to on-board IT-Professional Helps to address an evolving technology need or launch a cutting-edge product or service. For situations like this, Legacy Smart offers a ready talent pool whom you can deploy as per your project duration – for 3, 6 or 9 months.

Temporary  Staff for Business Spikes

 Busy business cycles are always welcome. Yet, a sudden spike in sales can have an adverse effect if the upsurge is not managed with quality and precision. For example this could happen to a hyper mart facing increase in customer footfall during peak season, a warehouse with the daunting task of managing higher inflow and outflow of inventory, or a call centre experiencing increase in inbound calls.

You can count on Legacy Smart to bolster your staffing requirements during such contingencies. Our client relations and delivery team will work with your HR managers to understand your resource gaps and quickly bring on board the right personnel for your short-term needs.

What does recruitment include?

1.Understanding the Job Description of the prospective recruit
2. Mapping geographies that have the desired talent pool
3.Reaching out to candidates through database search or advertised
4. Selection of the right professional through a series of interviews
5. Assistance in on-boarding by working closely with the client’s HR team

Our Talent Acquisition team is multi-talented, and we are proud to offer every facet of this key function:

Executive Search Top-rung professionals rarely apply for a role. They will consider an opportunity only when duly invited. This in essence, is the key to Executive Search… wherein a person of high eminence and proven track record in a domain, is identified and invited to take up a full-time role. At Legacy Smart, we have an A Team that reaches out to the A-listers of business and industry. Our assignment starts on the basis of a retained search.

 Contingency Recruitment As opposed to a retained search, in contingency recruitment we charge a fee only after we source, screen, and find the best match for the open position. This hiring model is ideal for all disciplines and roles, except for top management positions.

 Mass Recruitment Also known as Volume Hiring, the concept of mass recruitment comes into play when a client requires to on board a large number of professionals within a short span of time. Because of our vast database, and the ability of our recruitment team to reach out to candidates through multi-media modes, we can ramp up the hiring numbers quickly and efficiently.

Recruitment however does come with challenges but at Legacy Smart Employment Services are fully equipped to handle them.